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Connect, Quantify and Measure High-Value Solutions

Companies too often fall short when it comes to clearly quantifying the ripple effect of the impact of their high-value solutions across their customer's business processes and the resulting net profit impact on their customer's bottom line.

Instead of building their customer's specific numbers into a value equation, traditional ROI spreadsheets are used to portray what has been identified and measured in the industry or in the seller’s business. It is then presented to the customer as evidence that the value in the solution exists, along with the costs they will incur if they do not buy. With this "unsubstantiated" evidence, the confused customer will be asking themselves …

“What will I need to change if I buy this solution?”
“What risks and costs will I be exposing myself to?”
“Who else in my company will be concerned?”
“How will this affect my job responsibility?”

When customers do not see their numbers in your value claims, and a way to manage the costs and risks they will likely be exposed to if they do change, their decisions will typically gravitate to …

  • No decision, not for you or your competitor
  • Indecision leading to long, drawn-out sales cycles and unpredictable forecasting
  • Commoditization of your high-value solution as your customers put pressure on what they do understand – cost

Prime Resource Group helps its clients quantify and measure unique competitive value and execute a value strategy with a comprehensive, end-to-end, Diagnostic Business Development® methodology, all supported by highly sophisticated tools and reinforcement programs.

Prime Resource Group can translate your market strategy into profitable sales results.

Results: Wayne Hutchinson of Shell Global Solutions

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