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About Prime Resource Group

Prime Resource Group is a unique management consulting firm focused on the strategy, process and execution of complex sales. Our customized Diagnostic Business Development programs and consulting services assist our clients in:

  • Defining and quantifying the unique competitive value of complex solutions
  • Measuring the value impact on multiple entities in their customers’ businesses and their customers’ net profit
  • Building a decisive and unique, cross-functional strategy execution plan
  • Developing, creating and supporting world-class organizations and highly skilled teams of professionals
  • Achieving profitable sales results for both our clients and their customers

In today's complex and volatile marketplace, to acquire, expand and retain long-term, profitable customer relationships, companies need to not only protect their turf, but also aggressively challenge their market space with teams of highly-skilled sales and marketing professionals who can orchestrate complex sales from the customer’s point of view … the measurable value impact on their bottom line.

Prime Resource Group's business transformation teams and "flagship" programs have impacted thousands of teams around the world. They may have already impacted yours.

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