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Mastering the Complex Sale
How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High
On Location and Online

An intensive online, live and interactive workshop for sales professionals and leadership involved in complex, high-stakes sales.

The complex sale demands multiple contacts, impacts shifting sources of power, decision and influence in your customer's organization, and involves several people in yours. It requires you to manage a multitude of details thrown at you from every direction.

Mastering the Complex Sale is a high-success sales process that can help you gain access to the right people, eliminate severe pricing pressure and intense competition, and win more profitable sales as a result.

Register for this live webcast series and solve 8 common challenges of complex sales:
  • Severe Price Pressure: “Our high-value solution is being treated as a commodity.”
  • Denied Access: “I’m not getting to the right people at the right levels.”
  • Dead End Situations: “I should have known … wasted my time.”
  • Unpaid Consulting: “Our expertise ended up being used for our
  • competitor’s advantage.”

  • Phantom Decision Maker: “I should have seen it coming.”
  • No Decision: “We were lost in the black hole of their decision process.”
  • Losing Traction: “Our competitor is getting a foothold in my
  • customer’s executive suite.”

  • More Lost Proposals: “We’re working harder but winning less.”
10 Key Benefits of the Mastering the Complex Sale workshop:
  • Gain access to multiple levels of power and influence.
  • Establish credibility and trust as a valued business advisor.
  • Get the inside and straight information with powerful diagnostic questions.
  • Separate real business from resource drains.
  • Prevent unpaid consulting and giving away your valuable expertise.
  • Gain powerful insight into decision making and guide the decision process.
  • Create a strong sense of urgency and dramatically shorten sales cycle time.
  • Replace surprises and frustration with control and confidence.
  • Build competitor-proof and sustainable customer relationships.
  • Prevent commoditization and get paid for the value you create.

Register for Mastering the Complex Sale online course and you will be able to compete and win when the stakes are high.

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Mastering the Complex Sale
How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High
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