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Management Consultants

The primary strength of Prime Resource Group's management consultants is to work with you to successfully optimize and execute your go-to-market strategies. Optimization begins with an accurate assessment of people, processes and strategies. Our management consultants define competitive strengths and threats, plus performance gaps and growth potential. To assure implementation and mastery, our management consultants will develop execution plans that track directly with sales performance objectives to bridge the gap between strategy and sales results.

From strategy, to process, to execution of complex sales, Prime Resource Group’s highly experienced consulting team has been transforming companies around the globe.

Measurable Results

We believe our consulting responsibility goes beyond assessment and recommendation. Our management consultants will ensure that your objectives are translated into measurable performance improvement and bottom-line results.

JEFF THULL, President and CEO

Jeff is a leading-edge strategist and valued advisor for executive teams of major companies worldwide. As President and CEO of Prime Resource Group, he has designed and implemented business transformation and professional development programs for companies including Boston Scientific, Shell, 3M, Microsoft, Georgia-Pacific, Raymond James, S&P Global Market Intelligence, Lloyd's Register and Schneider Electric, as well as many fast-track start-up companies. He has gained the reputation for being a thought leader in the area of sales and marketing strategies and relationship management for companies involved in complex sales.

Jeff is a compelling, entertaining and thought-provoking keynote speaker with a track record of over 3,500 speeches and seminars delivered to corporations and professional associations worldwide. His work is published in hundreds of business and trade publications

Jeff is also the author of the best-selling books Mastering the Complex Sale: How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High, second edition, The Prime Solution: Close the Value Gap, Increase Margins, and Win the Complex Sale, and Exceptional Selling: How the Best Connect and Win in High Stakes Sales.

A message from Jeff Thull:

"Let me tell you about the consultants of Prime Resource Group: For years I've worked with and watched talented industry leaders manage complex sales, market strategy and product development. I recognize exceptionally-talented people who grab hold of their business situation and lead their teams in achieving amazing results. Today's volatile marketplace demands such talent. Prime Resource Group's team of management consultants are the best of the best. These individuals have a strong grounding in building highly-competitive companies with powerful sales and marketing organizations, from the tactical to the strategic, in the domestic and global marketplace. I am confident that you will be impressed with not only the exceptional capabilities of our team, but with the outstanding results you will achieve."

KATE NELL, Senior Consultant

Kate Nell has over 30 years’ experience working in organizations that develop software solutions designed to improve operational efficiency industry. She has extensive experience in sales management, product management, sales process, delivery, and optimization. Prior to joining Prime, as an executive in the workforce and operations business unit within Cerner Corporation, Kate was responsible for identifying and driving innovative software solutions that advanced competitive position, increased revenue, and improved client satisfaction.

Prior to 2004, Kate worked in sales and sales management in organizations where she was responsible for educating and guiding sales teams in optimizing their sales outcomes by applying the Diagnostic Business Development sales methodology to their customer engagements.

Kate holds a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. As a Senior Consultant with Prime Resource Group, Kate’s extensive experience across departments and functions, from strategy, to process, to execution of complex sales, contributes significant insight and guidance for Prime Resource Group and the clients it serves.

DAVID M. BRIDGELAND, Senior Consultant

With a specific focus on sales strategy and processes, Dave creates interactive models and simulations of complex business situations in order to identify and quantify the value impact of complex solutions on his clients’ customers’ businesses.

His clients include Charles Schwab, Raytheon Homeland Security, Chevron, Unisys, the Government of Montenegro, the US Veterans Health Administration, UBS, AT&T, Verizon, and many other companies.

Dave earned an MA in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin, and a BA from the University of Michigan. Dave is coauthor of "Business Modeling: A Practical Guide to Realizing Business Value," published by Elsevier.

TED HUMPHREY, Managing Director

For the past 16 years, Ted Humphrey has been a management consultant bringing sustainable business growth to Fortune 500 companies, middle-market firms, and venture-backed start-ups through the application of customer and market strategy, sales operations and effectiveness, and business transformation processes. His clients include Standard & Poor’s, AEGON, Caterpillar, JBT, Deere, 3M, S&P Global Market Intelligence, Kimberly Clark, U.S. Cellular, and Citigroup. Prior to his management consulting career, Ted worked in the electronics industry in sales, sales management, engineering, product development, and business process improvement.

The key to his proven ability to drive profitable growth is his commitment to focusing on the critical intersection where strategy, processes, and mastering skills connect. Ted helps his clients build solutions in which a broad range of organizational pieces come together into a cohesive and successfully executed plan.

ILAN SHANON, Senior Consultant

Ilan Shanon spent 35 years in the information systems industry. He brings an extensive background in go-to-market strategy and management consulting for large-scale software projects and leading marketing teams in product deployment. For 17 years, he had held senior executive positions in sales and marketing.

As a Senior Consultant with Prime Resource Group, Ilan utilizes his strategic planning, marketing and sales management expertise to provide management consulting services to clients pursuing an integrated approach to achieving high performance in complex sales.

Ilan held the position of Vice President of Sales for Ingenix, Inc., at which time it grew from $14 million to $500 million. He led a national team that provided financial software, consulting services, and data products.

Ilan utilizes a hands-on, intuitive, no-nonsense approach when working with his clients. He focuses his clients on truly understanding their customers and formulating an integrated approach of competitive, market and product strategies into a cohesive, long-term business development plan.

IAN GALLIARD, Senior Consultant

With a background in Materials Engineering, Ian has over 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry through a range of technical, strategic and commercial roles around the world. He has managed sales teams in Europe, Africa, Russia, Middle East and Asia and worked with teams from Upstream and Exploration, Gas and Renewables through to Oil Products and Motorsport, delivering multi-level solutions to address organizations’ complex business challenges.

Ian has designed and implemented sales strategy and processes, advancing performance and profitability across the Oil, Chemicals, and Industrial sectors. He brings to clients a strong focus on strategy development and execution, helping them to deliver on their strategic intent and build a solid foundation for effective Change Management.

DAVID ASHMAN, Senior Consultant

David Ashman has 25 years of experience in the information systems industry. He brings an extensive background in sales and go-to-market strategy, specializing in value proposition development, sales strategy and leadership.

David is a highly successful management consultant, working with major corporations such as Cisco, Dell, Vodafone Global Business, EMC, Fujitsu Global Services, Lenovo, Microsoft, and S&P Global Platts.

As a Senior Consultant with Prime Resource Group, David brings 15 years of experience leading sales teams, utilizing the key principles of Diagnostic Business Development, and ensuring quick results and sustainable long-term growth for clients.

He applies a hands-on approach coupled with an engaging coaching style that inspires confidence and delivers measurable results for his clients.

CS TAY, Senior Consultant

CS has the unique global experience of having worked in New Zealand, Malaysia, China and Turkey for both multinational companies (Linde/BOC) as well as Chinese companies, including State-Owned Enterprises. He covers industries including power generation/distribution, brewing, and energy, to name a few.

For the past 39 years, CS has acquired vast experience in delivering executive coaching, leadership programs for management, and professional skills development for organizations involved in complex sales.

CS has also held the positions of GM for many new JV companies and managed teams of professionals responsible for JV companies’ key/major accounts. As a result, CS has accumulated vast experience in JV formation, corporate culture development, and business transformation.

With great insight into both Western and Asian cultures, and within large and small organizations, CS is in a unique position to support both multinational and local companies in the strategy, process and execution of complex sales.

JANE BLINDE, Senior Consultant

Jane Blinde's 28 years of professional experience encompasses sales, sales management, organizational leadership and consulting, team building, public speaking, classroom and process facilitation, and coaching professionals at various levels across multiple industries. Jane brings to her client engagements a fundamental understanding of key challenges facing organizations: the reality of the perpetual drive for revenue, the trend toward market commoditization, the value of differentiation through a superior understanding of the customer, and the growing emphasis on achieving results in a complex global marketplace.

Jane's domestic and international work with her clients involves all functions of sales performance from leadership through the cross-functional teams in both the clients’ businesses and the customers they serve.

Jane holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership and has served as Faculty Chair of Advanced Sales Curriculum for a major learning systems corporation. For the past 20 years, Jane has been consulting with corporations including Shell, HP, Siemens, 3M, Xerox and American Airlines.

JOHN SULLIVAN, PhD, Senior Consultant

John Sullivan brings to the senior consultant's team an expertise in strategy and implementation of customized learning solutions and learning systems architecture, for sales and marketing processes. His strategic planning expertise and application to continuous improvement processes delivers a valuable contribution to customized business development programs.

John has a PhD from the University of Minnesota, where he taught courses in sales training design and development. He served on the editorial review board of Training and Development Journal. In his earlier career John held the position of Director, Sales and Sales Management Curriculum with a major learning systems corporation.

KEN BOZEVICH, Senior Consultant

Ken Bozevich brings 24 years of international experience with 3M Corporation to Prime Resource Group's management consulting staff.

Ken developed multidivisional and multinational programs in sales, sales training, sales management, product introduction, market research, and marketing management. He brings versatile abilities and experiences from working at all corporate levels of management. Ken's communication experience with sales and marketing teams, as well as engineering and customer support teams, has driven market strategy to support a single plan of action resulting in business growth and measurable results.

Executives in Residence

Emerging markets, accelerating product launches, changing roles of your customers, and intense competition require a fluent consulting organization to respond to your challenges. Our team includes Executives in Residence, a broad range of industry leaders and practitioners whose problem-solving strategies evolve from years of experience in competitive, market and product strategies, sales process, and research.

Our team of experts understand the new rules of business and "roll up their sleeves" to get the job done.

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