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Precise Strategy, Process and Execution
of Complex Sales

Prime Resource Group creates high-precision, cross-functional, customer engagement strategies, processes and customized diagnostic conversations with support tools focused on your customers’ specific job responsibilities and business requirements. The result is a strong, quantified business case for your customers to purchase your solution and for both you and your customers to measure its profitable results.

Prime Performance Programs
Customized and Connected to Your Customer’s World
Strategic Value Performance and Measurement

Strategic Value Performance and Measurement challenges assumed value, validates and quantifies value, and connects it at all levels of decision and influence in the customer’s organization. It enables the alignment of resources to connect solutions to your customer’s business drivers while establishing credibility and trust.

Mastering the Complex Sale®

Mastering the Complex Sale delivers the skill and knowledge required to build organization-to-organization relationships.  Participants identify key business issues at the functional and corporate level, quantify the cost of business problems and the cost of change, and establish sustainable partnerships with their customers.

Mastering Executive Relationships®

Mastering Executive Relationships focuses on the shift of power and influence to the executive level.  It gives you entry to the executive suite.  You will establish credibility by connecting value and managing its alignment with executive agendas and strategic buying criteria.

Diagnostic Selling®

Diagnostic Selling develops the mindset and communication skills needed to manage quality decisions, and build strong relationships of trust and credibility at all levels of decision and influence within the customer’s organization.  This program goes Beyond Selling to Business Development®.

Strategic Account Management

ISO 9001:2015 Certified by International Certifications
Orchestrating an efficient and effective system to manage complex sales gives sales and management professionals the best opportunity to capitalize on the most lucrative opportunities.  This program organizes teams around national and global strategic accounts.  It provides a systematic approach that becomes a framework for planning and prioritizing actions that lead to clear decisions in developing customer engagements.

Prime Performance Leadership®

The Prime Performance Leadership program gives managers the tools and a process to select, develop, and lead a world-class sales organization.  Managers will sharpen their ability to tackle critical management issues and make impressive gains in performance and bottom-line results.

Manager-Led Sales Performance Leadership

This program puts managers in control.  We’ll deliver our expertise to your management team, then we’ll give them the instruction and tools to take that expertise to lead and develop their teams with an ongoing continuous improvement process.  The unique blended format integrates leadership and coaching skills with sales strategy, tactics and process to create teams that win more sales and sustain valuable, long-term customer relationships.

Key Moments of Value®

Critical interactions with customers take place at all function levels within an organization.  At any moment during day-to-day activity, any individual can make a major impact on customers to either build customer confidence, respect and loyalty, or undermine the best efforts of an organization as a whole.  We’re all in selling...selling our ideas, advice, valuable products, and quality service.  An organization can raise the bar of excellence.  Key Moments of Value can help them do just that.

Diagnostic Marketing®

Prime Resource Group’s Diagnostic Marketing program integrates competitive market and product strategies into cohesive sales strategy tools.  It creates strategic alignment between Product Development, Marketing, Sales, and Support, while connecting value to the customer’s world.

Prime Resource Group helps its clients quantify and measure unique competitive value and execute a value strategy with a comprehensive, end-to-end, Diagnostic Business Development® methodology for complex sales, all supported by highly sophisticated tools, reinforcement programs, and an exceptional team of management consultants.

Prime Resource Group can help translate your market strategy into profitable sales results.

Results: Wayne Hutchinson of Shell Global Solutions

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