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Prime Business Resource Library

Prime Business Resource Library

  1. Business Resource Links

  2. Mastering the Complex Sale, Second Edition
    Highly-Revised, Loaded with New Content

  3. Best Selling Book "The Prime Solution" by Jeff Thull
    Close the Value Gap, Increase Margins, and Win the Complex Sale
  4. Best Selling Book "Exceptional Selling" by Jeff Thull
    How The Best Connect and Win in High Stakes Sales
  5. Jeff Thull Keynote Speaker Video Clips
    • Keynote Address - Opening Segment  (3 Min.)
    • Three Eras of Selling - Presentations to Strategic Value  (7 Min.)
    • Disciplines of Professionals - Role Models for Success  (4 Min.)
    • Systems, Skills and Disciplines  (2 Min.)

  6. Download Open Seminar Brochure
  7. Mastering the Complex Sale, First Edition

  8. Read Articles by Jeff Thull
    Sales and Marketing Strategy
    Process and Skills Development for Complex Sales
  9. Listen to Jeff Thull Live on Internet Radio
  10. Jeff Thull's latest Webcast:

  11. Alignment with Jeff Thull:

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"Mastering the Complex Sale: How To Compete And Win When The Stakes Are High!" by Jeff Thull.
Can You Compete When The Stakes Are High?
Prime business resource library focuses on Jeff Thull and his new book "Mastering The Complex Sale: Second Edition."


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