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Mastering the Complex Sale
Who Should Read this Book?

In today's complex selling environment, executing a great strategy requires every team member to understand and carry out their role with an effective methodology. One individual could put at risk the efforts of the entire team. This book was written for your entire organization:


Looking to build value as a capability across their organization and achieve exceptional performance and profitability for both their company and the customers they serve.

Global and National Account Managers

Looking to connect their team and their customer's team with a cohesive process that will lead to quality decisions and measurable exchange of value.

Marketing and Business Development Managers

Looking for precise guidance while developing and executing product and market strategies and equipping their sales organizations with tools and information that will create quality customer engagements.

Directors of Sales, Regional and Area Managers

Looking to shorten sales cycle time, increase forecasting accuracy, and exceed projected sales and profitability.

Vice Presidents of Sales and Sales Managers

Looking to notch up systems, skills and disciplines, replicate top performers, and build a uniform Diagnostic Business Development strategy, process, and tactical execution plan in an increasingly complex and highly competitive market.

Product Managers

Looking to capitalize on competitive strengths and define, create and quantify the value of their solutions in order to achieve greater sales results.

Engineers and Technical Specialists

Looking for how and when to support or lead the sales process with their expertise in order to increase revenue and their customers’ success.

Channel Managers

Looking at how to bring a cohesive value measurement process to channel partners and position their channel as an essential and valuable contribution to overall efficiency, effectiveness and unified success.

People New to the Complex Sale

Looking for an advantage, from the start, to accelerate success with an aggressive and proven sales process.

The Entire Value-Driven Organization

Looking to increase performance, profitability and personal success.

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Mastering the Complex Sale
How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High
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