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Exceptional Selling
How the Best Connect and Win in High-Stakes Sales
Jeff Thull, Best-Selling Author, President and CEO, Prime Resource Group

From “First Calls” to the “C-Suite” plus everything in-between,
A step-by-step guide to the most important conversations you can have

If you’re one of the six million people who work in the fast-paced, high-stress world of complex sales, you want the latest strategies and skills to succeed. This practical guide gives you the tools to take your sales game, your communication skills, and your career to the next level of success.

Exceptional Selling features street-level straight-talk about the one-on-one skills that professionals need to succeed. In this prescriptive and practical guide, author Jeff Thull challenges conventional thinking and gets down to the key ingredients of sales success - the magic formula based on a powerful communication mindset, exceptional skills and winning disciplines taken from the best in the business. You’ll get the edge you need to set yourself apart from the competition, connect to your customers’ hearts and minds, and clearly establish the value you offer.

Exceptional Selling is about what works. Its focus is the most dynamic and challenging part of the sales process: the authentic conversations - what top sales professionals talk about with their customers as well as how they say it. Successful communication resides at the intersection of content and delivery, substance and style. It’s your key to privileged access and privileged insight.

Exceptional Selling is a step-by-step guide to the most critical conversations you must have to win the high-stakes sale and build powerful relationships. From the crucial first call that sets the stage, to the critically important C-Suite executive conversations that build your credibility, to the financial conversations that create a compelling case for your value (and all the important conversations in-between), you’ll find specific examples that will propel you forward and help you achieve greater success and profitability.

This is the first book to apply powerful diagnostic principles directly to sales conversations. It shows you how to create a customer engagement in which the common barriers to success - limited access, ambiguous words, objections, and cutthroat negotiations - all melt away.

If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, connect with your customers, raise the bar for your competition and Win in High-Stakes Sales, Exceptional Selling is the book that will take you there.

Key ideas and action steps to take out of this book:

  • How to create relevancy, trust and executive buy-in - the executive conversation
  • How to avoid commoditization of your valuable products/services/solutions
  • How to reach all functions while establishing quality decision processes
  • Which pre-programmed reactions and traditional selling techniques get us into    trouble
  • Understand the root causes of failure that prevent us from succeeding
  • How customers shut down when they hear “dangling insults”
  • Why customers understand less and less of what we tell them
  • How we unintentionally give away “free consulting” while attempting to “win the    deal”
  • How conversations end in “no decision”
  • Why you should have the stance of “Always be Leaving”

Order Exceptional Selling and you will receive a powerful tool that will help you become a valued business advisor, a source of advantage to your customers. You will be able to achieve EXCEPTIONAL sales results.

What readers are saying:

“Jeff Thull’s leading edge thinking makes this book revolutionary, yet it is a straightforward guide to communicating across all cultures with credibility and respect. It will give you a significant competitive advantage in a complex and crowded global marketplace.”
                    Guenter Lauber, Vice President,
                    Siemens Energy and Automation, Inc. EA Systems

“Jeff Thull has taken consultative and collaborative sales to new heights. The knowledge contained in this book is priceless. The trust and respect that is created by the diagnostic process is a must have for success here in Asia and around the globe. It has enabled us to stand apart from our competitors early and achieve long lasting success.”
                    (CS) Tay Chong Siew, Major Customer Director, North Asia
                    BOC Gases

“Having achieved exceptional success by working with Jeff Thull and implementing the strategy and process of Jeff’s first two books, I’m astounded that his leading edge thinking is captured in yet more detail in another brilliant book. The conversation examples of Jeff’s powerful diagnostic approach will bring even greater success to our organization.Truly exceptional!”
                    Alberto Chacin, Director - On Demand Services LA
                    Oracle USA

“Exceptional Selling is a comprehensive and powerful framework for building strong relationships based on integrity and trust. Just as he has done for our financial advisors, Jeff Thull shows you how to communicate with confidence and create exceptional value for both you and your customers.”
                    Richard G. Averitt III, Chairman and CEO
                    Raymond James Financial Services

“Jeff Thull has again extended his concepts and thinking developed in The Prime Solution and Mastering the Complex Sale. This is an essential read for anyone working to understand his customers in a global and complex world. The book also confirms these concepts work in any business or sales channel.”
                    Wayne Hutchinson, VP Sales, Marketing and Consulting
                    Shell Global Solutions B.V.

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Mastering the Complex Sale
How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High
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